How To Dress For a Wedding

If you are going to a wedding, you want to know that you are dressing appropriately for the occasion. Besides deciding if you can go and what to get for a gift, this is probably one of the bigger questions on your mind.

You do not want to be under dressed, but you also do not want to be too formal. When thinking about how to dress for a wedding , there are a few things you should ask yourself, and even others involved in the wedding if you are still not sure what you should wear.

If you are going to an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, you can dress for a wedding such as this in light clothing. No one wants to be hot and sweaty at a gathering like a wedding.

However, you have to know what is expected before you choose. If the couple is having a small BBQ in someone’s backyard, you won’t be expected to wear anything special, just make sure your clothes are clean and stain free.

If it is a bit more formal, ladies should wear sun dresses and men can wear light fabric pants and a short sleeved, button-up shirt. These are easy to put together, breathe well, and are appropriate for most outdoor but more formal events.

You can dress for a wedding indoors during the summer in a few different ways. If you know the grooms and his groomsmen are renting tuxedos, you can guess that the dress style is going to be more formal.

You want to find something that you would wear out to a nice dinner, but that will also help you stay cool. For the most part, the bride and groom are going to choose venues that allow them to stay comfortable, so if you know they are dressing up, you should be just fine doing the same. If you are not sure, just call them and ask.

In the winter months, your options for what to wear when you dress for a wedding are wider. You may be able to tell by the invitation that a wedding is formal, semi-formal, or casual in nature. Winter weddings often come with a theme, which can help you decide what to wear.

If you are totally unsure what to wear for any type of wedding, and you are going as a guest, err on the side of caution and wear something semi-formal. This will fit almost anywhere. You may find you are not the only ones that were not sure what to wear.

On the other hand, if you are going to a wedding as the mother of the groom or in some other role, you want to dress a bit more formal than what you would wear if you were going as a guest. You will not look out of place if you are more dressy than the guests that were not sure what to wear.

Most people expect that the parents, grandparents, and the siblings of the bride and groom are going to be dressed more formally anyway. If you really can’t decide how to dress for a wedding, call the bride or groom for some input, just don’t wait until the day before or the day of the wedding to ask.