Acidic Mouthwash Products are Linked to Enamel Loss


We are told that one of the best ways to maintain fresh breath, kill oral bacteria, fight against plaque and gum disease is to regularly rinse our mouths with a commercial mouthwash - to rinse or gargle for 30 seconds twice daily.

Now this will shock you...Recent research has discovered that more than 90% of commercially available mouthwash products contain an acid level that is comparable to that of household vinegar.

Highly acidic rinses are harmful to your teeth and can put you at risk of acid erosion. What you don't want to be doing is adding more acid to what you already have and increasing the risk of enamel loss.

Dr Scott Frey tested different brands of commercially available mouthwash and some of his findings are quite astonishing.

Top pick from the non-fluoride mouthwash products is Therabreath which is by far the least acidic oral rinse. To see all the results of Dr. Frey's ph tests on mouthwash acidity levels click here

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