Instant Toothache Relief With Clove Oil and Oregano Oil


The Clove has been revered for many centuries for its potent antiseptic and anesthetic properties. It was used as far back as 200 BC in China to bring relief to toothache pain and to freshen breath.

During the 19th century, long before dental hygiene existed as it does today, dentists would always carry with them supplies of clove oil to numb their patient's mouths before and after any tooth extraction, and also to help alleviate any toothache pain.

Quick Relief With Clove Oil

It's all down to the chemical called 'eugenol' which can be found in abundance in clove oil. It's a strong anesthetic with antibacterial properties making it an extremely effective natural painkiller which numbs the sensitive nerves and kills the bacteria around the infected tooth. Use either of these 3 methods:

Clove Oil
Using a Q-tip apply a small amount of clove oil to the affected tooth and the surrounding gum area. Alternatively, put a few drops of clove oil onto a gauze pad or cotton ball, place on the affected tooth and bite down gently to hold in place.

Clove Oil and Olive Oil
First try the method above, applying a small amount of undiluted clove oil to the affected tooth and gum area. If the burning/stinging pain is unbearable then rinse your mouth with warm water, dilute 2 to 3 drops of clove oil with a teaspoon of olive oil before re-applying. This will also improve the unpleasant taste of clove oil.

Clove Powder and Olive Oil
You can either grind down 2 to 3 whole cloves or use prepared clove powder. Sprinkle the ground cloves or clove powder onto 2 to 3 drops of Olive Oil and mix into a thin paste. Using a Q-tip or cotton ball apply to the affected tooth.

Just a word of caution, clove oil can be toxic if taken in large quantities, and if applied too frequently it can sometimes cause damage to the gums and tooth pulp. Use only as a temporary measure and do not swallow the mixture. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after application (Not recommended for pregnant women and young children).

Instant Pain Relief With Oil of Oregano

For many sufferers with severe toothache pain, after having tried several other natural remedies with little success, have found almost instant relief with Oil of Oregano. Not just 'Instant' relief but longer lasting relief.

Oregano oil is one of the strongest antibacterial essential oils, equal in strength to pharmaceutical antibiotics, and will kill almost any type of 'unfriendly' bacteria it comes into contact with.

It is a natural anti-inflammatory medication with pain killing strength that some would say is nearly as strong as morphine.

It is similar to garlic in that it can treat a variety of health problems, it can be used both topically and internally. Two drops of oregano oil in a glass of water taken daily can strengthen the immune system and help protect against illnesses.

On it's own the oil is extremely potent, and if used undiluted it will sting when applied directly to the gums and affected tooth. It is recommended that you always dilute oregano oil with virgin olive oil before application.

Oregano Oil and Olive Oil
Dilute with an equal measure of virgin olive oil, or with 2 parts to 1 part oregano oil.

(1) Using a Q-tip soaked in the solution gently rub the Q-tip on the top and sides of the affected tooth.

(2) Put a few drops of the solution onto a cotton ball or a gauze pad, place it on the affected tooth and bite down gently and hold in place for several minutes.

Important: Do not confuse with common oregano (Origanum Marjoram) which is used as a spice when cooking. Oil of oregano is made from Origanum Vulgare which is native to the Mediterranean region and contains at least 70% concentration of carvacrol.

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