12 Natural Cures For Rapid Toothache Pain Relief


It's important to stress that these remedies are only a temporary measure to bring quick pain relief in emergencies and are not a substitute for proper dental treatment.

(1) Take a small mouthful of whiskey or brandy, enough to saturate the affected tooth, swish around the affected area for a minute or two before spitting out.

(2) Soak a Q-tip in Whiskey/Brandy and dab the affected tooth and gum area, or alternatively soak a cotton ball and place on the affected tooth and gum area.

Vanilla Extract
(1) Take a small mouthful of vanilla extract and swish around the affected area for 1-2 minutes before spitting out.

(2) Soak a Q-tip in vanilla extract and rub the Q-tip around the affected tooth and the immediate gum area - either of these methods should quickly soothe the pain.

(Peppermint Extract, Lemon Extract and Almond Extract work equally as well).

Since the early 1900's iodine has been used to disinfect drinking water, killing bacteria and disease causing organisms, which makes Iodine such an effective topical treatment for open wounds exposed to bacteria.

Soak a Q-tip with Iodine (2% solution) and dab on the affected tooth (just be careful not to swallow it). Leave for 2-3 minutes then thoroughly rinse your mouth with water. It will burn a little but works extremely well.

Hydrogen Peroxide
(1) For quick relief, Soak a Q-tip in 3% hydrogen peroxide and rub over the affected tooth and around the gum. The pain should begin to subside within two minutes.

(2) Use as a mouthwash, dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of warm water and swish around the affected tooth, this helps kill the bacteria and reduce toothache pain.

(Do not swallow any of the peroxide as it can burn the oral tissue, and rinse thoroughly with warm salt water).

Tea Tree Oil
Has long been used by Australian Aborigines as a natural antiseptic to treat all types of infections. It is a very potent antibacterial with mild anesthetic properties that can bring quick relief to toothache pain.

(1) Saturate a Q-tip in tea tree oil and rub around the affected tooth, the pain should begin to subside within minutes.

(2) Use as an antibacterial mouthwash, add a few drops of tea tree oil to a glass of warm water and swish around the mouth, and in particularly around the affected tooth (avoid swallowing the solution).

Black Tea
Who would have ever thought that 'tea' could help relieve tooth pain? Black tea is full of antioxidants, it's the Polyphenols and Flavanols which are present in the tea leaves that kills the bacteria in the mouth, reduces inflammation and helps to relieve toothache pain.

Place a warm wet 'black tea' tea bag onto the affected tooth. Bite down gently and hold in place for several minutes or until the pain has subsided.

Lemon Juice
Not only rich in vitamin C which is essential for healing gums and maintaining healthy teeth. lemon juice contains a high concentration of citric acid which has cleansing and antiseptic properties that will kill bacteria.

Cut a thick slice of lemon and place it on the affected tooth and gently bite down to hold in place for 2-3 minutes or until the pain subsides.

(Lime Juice can also be used, but lemons are slightly more acidic and have a much higher concentration of vitamin C).

The 'Humble' Onion
Although not quite as potent as garlic, the 'humble' onion that we all take for granted also has many healing properties. The onion is a natural antiseptic and has been officially recognized by the World Health Organization for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

(1) Chew on a slice of raw onion with the affected tooth for a few minutes.

(2) If you are unable to chew, place a slice of onion on the aching tooth and gently bite on the onion to allow the juices to seep onto the tooth and gums. Once the pain begins to subside you can chew on a fresh slice of onion to help maximize pain relief.

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