Ice and Salt Water Cures For a Painful Toothache


Depending on the type of toothache some of the remedies outlined in this section of the report can bring relief within minutes, while others will take longer.

Please remember that these remedies should only be used as a temporary measure to bring quick pain relief in emergencies and do not replace the need to see a dentist. There is no substitute for proper dental treatment that gets to the very heart of the problem and treats the root cause that is affecting your teeth.

Ice Compress and Ice Cold Mouth Rinse

If your toothache is triggered by cold sensitivity then this won't be the best option. Toothaches that aren't triggered by cold sensitivity usually indicate an infection and ice is a good line of defense.

The Ice numbs the localized area by interrupting the pain signals that the nerve cells transmit to the brain, thus giving temporary relief. It also reduces swelling and inflammation that arises from an abscess infection. Try any of these:

  • Wrap an ice cube inside a washcloth, run cold water over it for 10 seconds, enough to dampen the area containing the ice cube (this allows for the coolness of the ice cube to permeate through the washcloth). Place on the tooth itself or within the area of the toothache. This should help to take the edge off the pain.
  • Use an ice pack if you have one. Place the ice pack directly on the affected side and compress it. This should be applied to the cheek or jaw that is causing the most pain and discomfort and will help to dull the pain within a few minutes. Alternatively, a bag of frozen vegetables works just as well.
  • Rubbing an ice cube on the cheek over the painful area will minimize the pain and bring quick relief.
  • Place an ice cube in your mouth directly on the affected tooth or the area of pain. The longer you can leave the ice cube in the mouth the greater the numbing effect on the pain.
  • Swirling and rinsing the mouth with ice cold water is also an effective way at minimizing pain.

Gargling With Warm Salt Water

This ancient remedy certainly won't score points for taste, but salt has been used for more than 3,500 years as a natural food preservative and for its ability to kill bacteria.

This is why salt is still recommended to this day for the natural treatment of wounds and infections and has been known to be highly effective in treating toothaches.

What makes salt such a great anti bacterial is that it draws water from bacteria through osmosis causing the bacteria to shrink and die. The bacteria in the presence of high saline or salty environment is destroyed by dehydration which is why salt is such an effective preservative.

Most toothaches occur due to some form of infection, it could be from a cracked tooth or from a missing filling. The bacteria takes hold by feeding on food particles which have decomposed and are lodged within the cavities where infection sets in.

Salt is ideal for treating such infections while at the same time addressing the issue of pain arising from the infection. As it draws out the infection from the affected gum tissue surrounding the nerve it kills the bacteria while giving pain relief at the same time.

Directions: Create a saline solution by simply adding a teaspoon of sea salt to a glass of lukewarm water and swish around your mouth for around 20 to 30 seconds before spitting out.

The saline solution cleans the area surrounding the tooth and helps draw out some of the infection responsible for the pain and inflammation. This treatment is safe and can be repeated as frequently as required, and until the pain has subsided.

Sea Salt or Table Salt..?

Although studies show there is little difference between the two apart from the taste, many argue that sea salt is the healthier option because it's natural, unprocessed, retains its trace minerals and dissolves into water more completely than table salt does... But for a salt water gargle in times of emergency, either will do.

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