Got a Bad Toothache? Here's How to Cure it in Minutes!


It's not until we get that all too familiar electric jolt of pain to the tooth and then the never ending throbbing that we remember our teeth.

Toothache pain can quite literally drive you mad!... On and On it goes... The aching and the persistent throbbing just doesn't ease up, not even a little.

You've taken painkillers all day, but they don't help. You can't concentrate on anything, you can't sleep for the pain, you feel utterly miserable and worse still your dentist can't see you until the middle of next week... What can you do?

Everything You Need For 'Rapid' Toothache Pain Relief

We've scoured the internet and many online forums to collate a list of popular natural toothache remedies that you can use immediately.

We didn't include every single remedy mentioned, we picked only those that were:
(a) commented on the most and proven to work
(b) were readily available at home or easily purchased

Toothache remedies start on page 2 (see links at bottom).

As you'll discover soon enough, were over-the-counter painkillers have failed to stop the constant throbbing pain of a severe toothache, some of these simple remedies will kill the pain within a few minutes.

A word of caution: The information in this report is not intended to replace the professional medical advice of your dentist and only offers solutions for providing temporary pain relief until such time as a consultation with your dentist is possible.

What Causes A Toothache?

There could be several factors at play where toothache pain is merely a manifestation of some other underlying issue.

This can be something as simple as hypersensitivity in teeth which react strongly to hot or cold liquids, or exposure to cold air.

Over 40 million adults in the US alone suffer from tooth sensitivity, due in great part to eating a very poor diet, but can also be an unwanted side-effect from the use of some types of teeth whitening products

The chemical bleach preparation of some brands of teeth whitening products is highly acidic and weakens the protective tooth enamel layer thus increasing the risk of tooth sensitivity, tooth decay and demineralization.

Just as a side note, many off the shelf brand tooth whiteners, particularly those contained in toothpaste don't actually whiten the tooth enamel, instead they irritate the gums giving them a darkish red appearance. This gives the illusion of the teeth being whiter than they actually are.

Sensitivity in teeth can also occur when the gum line recedes (often due to the aging process), the less protective gum layer there is covering the dentine and nerves progressively increases the sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold foods and drinks.

For tooth sensitivity there are several recommended toothpaste brands which can help alleviate the symptoms of hypersensitivity whilst also avoiding things like ice cream and hot drinks is recommended. (Sensodyne is one of the more popular brands and is also recommended by dentists)

Toothaches that occur because of tooth sensitivity are quite often due to excessive wear on the teeth, which can be further accelerated by unconscious tooth grinding a condition known as 'Bruxism'. Most people aren't even aware that they suffer from this condition as it tends to occur when they are asleep.

This constant grinding can wear down the teeth which leaves little separation between the dentine and the pulp. Once the dentine is exposed the pulp which contains the nerves transmits pain signals to the brain, hence the reason why dental cavities and injured teeth exposed to cold air are painful and sensitive.

As a side note, if you suffer from TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) related symptoms - headaches, ear pain, teeth grinding and locked jaw, this holistic treatment can help to alleviate and cure this disorder.)

Other causes of toothache are more obvious such as a cracked tooth, a broken or loose filling, dental caries from eating acidic and sweet foods that corrode the fillings and the tooth's protective enamel layer.

This corrosion of the tooth surface is the work of bacteria which is ever present on the teeth. The bacteria that live in the mouth breaks down the sugary refined foods you eat and produces acid which eats away at the protective enamel of the tooth, eventually resulting in a cavity, infection and toothache.

Gingivitis Can Lead to Gum Line Recession

Tooth pain can be further exacerbated if gingivitis is present (inflammation of the gums). Gingivitis eventually causes gum line recession as tartar gradually builds around the teeth in the absence of proper brushing and flossing.

You can probably spot the early signs of Gingivitis, the gums are red, inflamed and swollen, and bleed easily when brushed or flossed.

Gingivitis starts out harmless enough as regular plaque but if allowed to accumulate and build-up over time, it hardens into a yellow-brownish calcified cement-like structure which clings to the base of the teeth between the tooth and the gum line and becomes difficult to remove without the aid of a dentist. This hardened tartar must be physically scraped from the teeth.

The reason why tartar is such a problem is because when left untouched it pushes the gum line down, forcing the gums to recede and expose more tooth, it's this, that is responsible for the majority of tooth loss in adults rather than the cavities themselves.

Poor Gum Health is The Leading Cause of Tooth Loss

The leading cause of tooth loss in American adults over the age of 35 is poor gum health (periodontal disease), staggeringly it's estimated that 75% of this group have some form of gum disease, and that 60% had little knowledge of proper dental care with 39% not attending the dentist regularly.

It's no surprise why people experience tooth loss and tooth related ailments, more today than at any other time. This is all due to a lack of education on proper dental hygiene, and a poor diet consisting of 'high sugar content' foods and drinks, refined foods, fast foods, sodas, all containing masses of added sugars.

Once tartar takes a hold it 'shrinks the gums', it forces the gums to recede and to pull away from the teeth, opening little spaces around the teeth known as 'pockets' where microscopic bits of food can become lodged attracting acid producing bacteria.

This is what causes the teeth to become loose, and if left untreated the surrounding bone mass which is needed to firmly anchor the tooth is eaten away by the acid. Unless blunt force is used, tooth loss is a very gradual process, and intervention can prevent the condition from getting much worse.

'Prevention and not cure' is always the best solution, good oral hygiene is essential if you want to avoid suffering from severe toothache pain, paying inflated dental fees or loosing your teeth.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, after breakfast and just before you go to bed, but don't brush more than three times in a day as you may damage your gums. Use only a soft to medium hardness toothbrush and change your brush every 3-4 months, and finally, don't forget to floss, once a day is fine.

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