Why CoQ10 Ubiquinol Should be at The Top of Your List of Anti Aging Supplements (Part 2)


Is that right... So CoQ10 goes down as you get older?

Absolutely, so if you are in your twenties if you can remember back, it was easy to get out of bed, it was easy to go for a run on the beach. You could run up and down all the steps on the beach, you know that we're talking about 'burst training' that was easy to do, you had energy to do all these things.

But then at thirty it starts to decline, and then by the time you reach 40 and 50 you are at about 50% CoQ10 levels in your body at that time. And CoQ10 fills your heart and your liver, so you can see why this is important for energy production.

I mean, are there people. I know that you looked up a lot of evidence, a lot of science, a lot of studies, what does the literature say on CoQ10... I mean is there any evidence or science?

There's tons of evidence, there's tons of people talking about CoQ10. You could do a google search, you can look anywhere and you are going to see tons of articles on CoQ10 and the benefits of CoQ10, and it's been proven over and over again.

When I was in Palm Springs working in a hospital, and I had a doctor Dr Gundry and I know you know Dr Gundry...

Yes... A well known thoracic surgeon, heart surgeon.

Right after a patient came out of having heart surgery with Dr Gundry, he would treat those patients with a gamut of vitamins which I had never heard of, and so as an ICU pharmacist I started to question it, I let it go for a few weeks and I couldn't understand what the heck he was doing.

So at that point I chose to go out and actually say, Dr Gundry what are you doing, this doesn't make sense to me, why are you giving someone supplements.

He said, "because I want my patients to recover faster", which CoQ10 does, and he said "I want them to feel better and live longer", which they do. He said "so this is what happens when you give patients supplements after heart surgery". There are so many benefits to this...

Where are some others?

So in addition to increasing your energy like crazy, it can burn your fat more efficiently so it's great for weight loss. It's a great weight loss supplement that people should be taking when they are on a weight loss regimen.

It can boost athletic performance. So we're talking about our triathletes and people who do endurance sports. These people are leeching CoQ10 out of their system because they are over using it so much and are not replacing it, so they should be supplementing with CoQ10.

It boosts immunity, so if you're a person who is sick all the time or has any other type of disease, you should definitely be taking CoQ10.

Now all CoQ10 isn't created equal, is that correct?

That's correct Randy, there's two different kinds of CoQ10 and there's something to be said about that also. Because you deplete it as you age, so when you're 35 and younger, you can take CoQ10 just buy it off the shelf. Just get a high grade known pharmaceutical company that makes these supplements that you know it's good quality.

But when you're 35 and older you would then require additional enzymes to breakdown the CoQ10 to bring it into its active form, and those enzymes deplete when you age. So you need to take Ubiquinol, is the form of...

Ubiquinol... Will it say it right there on the label?

It will say Ubiquinol...

How's it different then?

This is the 'reduced' form of CoQ10, that means that your body doesn't have to process it as much for it to be in its active form...

It's a fat soluble, right?

Yes It's fat soluble, the vitamin is an oil base...

So gels are better than the powder?

You definitely want to take the gels, the powders really aren't that good, I wouldn't recommend that to anybody.

Oil based is the best, and you want to take it with a good meal because it works better, and I would also recommend that some people, because when they start taking they feel so much better immediately, that they might have bursts of energy.

I would recommend taking it in the morning because some people might get insomnia if they take it too late in the day and they feel the energy effect.

But on the opposite side if you don't feel the effect when you're taking it, don't think it's not working, know that your cells will benefit from all of this additional energy it's bringing to you... So you are going to have happy cells.

But you said there's been hard studies where certain people that measured on a test, low in CoQ10, took it and reported a lot more energy...

Immediately... There's a lot of heart patients, especially congestive heart failure, this is a big drug use for congestive heart failure patients...

One of the biggest... I should mention Julian Whitaker he wrote 'Reversing Heart Disease', he has the biggest heart center in North America, and he is adamant about this and he says you got to get them on CoQ10, for people who have heart failure.

He says he's seen a reversal with CoQ10 and of course with the right kind of nutrition, exercises etc.

I've heard him say that and I've also seen Dr Steven Sinatra, who also is another cardiologist that practices good medicine, and he says that in addition with Carnitine, and I know Julian Whitaker also said that because I just listened to his interview with you the other day, that in addition to CoQ10 and Carnitine together in patients who are cardiac patients is like the twin pillars of good health...

Now we have a vegan chef known all over Santiago, and you say that vegan's need CoQ10 especially... So why do vegan's and vegetarians need CoQ10..?

In order to get CoQ10 from our diet we have to eat either fatty fish like wild salmon and I love wild salmon. So you want to get oily fish, beef liver and heart (organ meats) I'm definitely not eating those, I don't think you'll want to eat those either. Nuts and some whole wheat grain products, eggs and some dairy products...

But vegan's eat nuts?

But however... And I'm going to give you a disclaimer, you're only consuming on average, the Americans consume, 2mg - 5mg of CoQ10 daily. The recommended dose that you should be taking is at least 30mg up to 3 times a day, or 50mg so that you can do it twice a day, so you get up to 100mg of CoQ10 Ubiquinol daily.

Based on what, based on studies, based on scientific data?

Several thousand studies, based on tons of scientific data. You can't go anywhere on the internet without finding somebody being interviewed about CoQ10.

Now I know... I was watching Dr Oz, I look at Dr Oz and he's on CoQ10, loves it, he says it's one of his favorite supplements.

It's one of his daily regimen...

So, we're out of time... Final message about CoQ10, what haven't we talked about?

If you want more energy, if you want to live a longer life, if you want to feel like you're younger instead of aging gracefully this is definitely the supplement that I think everyone should supplement...

More energy... It fuels the heart

More energy and it fuels the heart, exactly.

(For many more health related videos visit 'The Wellness Hour' YouTube channel).

Buying Guide Summary

There are 2 different kinds of CoQ10 supplements.

(1) up to the age of 35 years, take the normal CoQ10 supplement.
(2) when you're 35 and older you need additional enzymes to breakdown the CoQ10 to bring it into its active form. So you need to take CoQ10 Ubiquinol.

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