Why CoQ10 Ubiquinol Should be at The Top of Your List of Anti Aging Supplements (Part 1)


Many health experts agree, if they had to choose only two supplements to take for the remainder of their lives, the purest Omega-3 fish oil containing high levels of DHA fatty acids would be one of their choices, the other would be CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10).

Randy Alvarez the host of 'The Wellness Hour' interviews America's Pharmacist Dr. Lori Arnold discussing the importance and benefits of CoQ10 supplements and the more potent 'reduced' form - CoQ10 Ubiquinol.

Dr. Lori Arnold begins by introducing her 5 essential building blocks of anti-aging, and then discusses the benefits of CoQ10 and why EVERYONE should be taking this important supplement especially as we get older.

This video is currently unavailable on The Wellness Hour YouTube channel - see transcript below

Video Transcript

(Dr. Lori Arnold) I've kind of developed 5, I would say pillars or 5 building blocks that we should have for good health and anti-aging. So these are things we want to tie in together before we get to CoQ10.

My 5 building blocks for anti-aging starts with good nutrition. So you want to make sure you are not eating refined sugars, make sure you are not eating the refined flour products, make sure your getting good organic fruits and vegetables, make sure your meats are free of pecticides and toxins, and antibiotics.and hormones.

You want to have responsible levels of exercise, and you don't want to over exercise because that ages you much faster, you know triathletes show...

(Randy Alvarez) We're being very careful with this but triathletes... I met an endocrinologist, she said look at a triathlete they look at least, their heads look 10 years older than they really are, they call that the path of accelerated aging... Some doctors will, ok so go ahead.

So when I say responsible levels of exercise we put that in perspective. We want to eliminate toxins from our systems, so this includes environmental toxins, like household cleaners and chemicals we use in our houses, smog, cigarette smoke, hopefully not many of the people watching have cigarette smoke in their homes.

And food toxins like MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), Nitrates, Sulphates, all these things that are excitotoxins we want to avoid those in our diet. We want to have a good targetted, good quality nutritional supplement program.

This begins with atleast a high quality multivitamin, B vitamins are great for energy so we want good B vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids should be in everybody's supplement counter. Those are my favorites.

And then finally, stress reduction and adequate sleep...

How many hours?

You should get 7 - 8 hours of sleep every single night, and you should practice yoga, meditation, what makes you happy, walking on the beach, reading a book. Don't be an angry person because it's proven that...

Why is sleep so important though?

Because it helps rebuild and regenerate your body. The rebuilding cycle of your body is while you're sleeping. So you have to get adequate rest.

And so you were taliking about anger, for a second I interupted go ahead.

Yes, anger is actually pretty important because angry people are shown to have higher rates of heart attacks. They also have more diseases and more illnesses...

So try not to be angry!

Try not to be angry, try to be calm, do calming things for you. Like I said, practice things like meditation and yoga is really good too. Center yourself and get out of those anger times. So those are my soap box of 5 things that I think everybody should do to live a good anti-aging cycle in your life.

So I want to talk to you about CoQ10 that's why you have me on today.

All right... What's it responsible for, lets start there

Energy, I would take CoQ10 and call it the 'chi' of life, and the reason is that the chi is... the Chinese and the Japanese think the chi is energy, and CoQ10 is the main supplier of energy to your body because 95% of your energy in your body comes from an enzyme called ATP.

Coenzyme Q10 fuels ATP in your body which is the powerhouse in your body. So basically you need to supplement this because, like I say again, the chi of life, this is were all the energy is coming from.

So everyone should take CoQ10..?

I think everybody should take CoQ10, I'm a great believer in CoQ10, because if you don't have a supplement of CoQ10 you are going to be fatigued, you are going to have muscle weakness, you are going to notice that you are going to have a lower exercise tolerance and capacity, so these are some of the things you have to watch for when you have low CoQ10.

Yes, so what are the symptoms then of a...

Those are the symptoms of low CoQ10. Basically when you think about the people who should take CoQ10, that would be something that we want to really center on. Two types of people should take CoQ10. People who are on statin drug therapy which is cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor, Zocor, pravastatin (Pravachol), those type of drugs and...


Because what happens Randy is when we process cholesterol and we use a statin drug, the statin drug shuts off that cholesterol process of making the cholesterol, and in that process of making cholesterol is CoQ10. So if it shuts off the process of making cholesterol it shuts of CoQ10.

So we lose that CoQ10 function, and I just read in Dr Julian Whitaker's book on how to cure heart disease, he said that about 40% of CoQ10 is shut off because of statins, and then you combine that with the fact that CoQ10 is actually an enzyme and a nutrient found in your body, so it's not something that we take like a vitamin or a supplement, it's something that's in our body and decreases as we age. So if you think about it...

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