Are You Wasting Your Money on Hair Loss Treatments That Simply Don't Work?

STOP HAIR LOSS NOW By Frank Nadell (Page 1)

Losing your hair may not be life threatening but it can be truly devastating. It's not surprising when today's society judges people by their appearance and looks alone.

Try telling a teenager or a young twenty year old, who is plagued with male pattern baldness not to worry or get stressed out...

'good looks aren't everything'... 'personality is more important'...

when all he sees in the mirror is a young man slowly being robbed of his youth and he's powerless to stop it.!

Most people simply don't understand how crippling it can be. You constantly obsess about your appearance and become so self-conscious it destroys your confidence, and because you lack the ability to control your hair loss it only makes matters worse.

Its that feeling of helplessness and not knowing what to do, and the more you think upon it the more anxious and depressed you become.

Who Can You Trust?

But who can you trust to help you? The hair loss industry is full of 'sharks' and 'snake oil salesmen' ready to exploit you. They'll tell you exactly what you want to hear. They'll prey on your vulnerabilities through cleverly marketed advertising campaigns and a persuasive sales pitch that could sell ice to an Eskimo.

As a statistic, in the United States more than 50 million men and 30 million women are suffering from varying degrees of hair loss and/or thinning hair. More than one billion dollars is spent every single year on prescription drugs, topical treatments and hair transplants.

It's big business, people who are rapidly thinning on top will spend huge sums of money in pursuit of a miracle cure. Many will jump at any new product that's advertised only to be disappointed by the results.

It's a continual process of 'trying this' then 'trying that' and on it goes. They see trial and error as an essential part of the process to finally finding 'that' something which does work and will reverse their hair loss.

But this isn't just about the increasing financial cost of ongoing treatments that plainly don't work. It's the time factor - it's impossible to judge the effectiveness of any new treatment over a week or two, it can take several months before you even begin to see any visible signs of hair regrowth.

Several months without seeing any results?.. Not knowing if the medication you are using is actually going to work for you whilst you continue to shed large clumps of hair is enough to crack anyone's confidence. Early prevention is key, male pattern baldness will only get progressively worse if not addressed and stopped.

What's The First Thing You Should do?

Before doing anything else, you need to know if there are any underlying causes for your hair loss. For example, health issues such as severe stress you may have experienced recently, thyroid disease, anemia, poor diet and nutrition and low levels of vitamin are possible causative factors.

To isolate these factors it's important that you see your doctor first who may recommend medical health screening to check your thyroid function, vitamin B and iron level, and a complete blood count test.

What About Hair Loss Shampoos?

Where do you start?.. There are so many different brands available it would be difficult to choose one from the next.

Many make claims of some special rejuvenating formula, that with regular use will stop hair from thinning and with continued regular use will stimulate hair re-growth, if only it was that easy? Notice the operative word being 'regular use'.

When you consider that some of these hair loss shampoos sell for as much as $60 a bottle with no guarantee that they'll work for you, only the manufacturers claims, it's not surprising why we're swamped with so many different brands.

Just how effective any particular brand of shampoo will be is something only you can decide. Treat manufacturers claims with a pinch of salt and ignore all marketing hype, instead look for unbiased reviews. Amazon is always a good place to start, they have an extensive range of hair loss shampoos with helpful customer reviews.

The Power of Nizoral (Anti-Dandruff) Shampoo?

What is interesting is the accidental discovery that Nizoral which is sold as an anti fungal dandruff shampoo, can also help in treating male pattern baldness - these claims are not made by the manufacturers but by men and woman who regularly use this product for this purpose only.

Its primary use is to treat dandruff and itching flaking scalp conditions, it does this extremely well, even the most chronic cases of dandruff are easily tackled with Nizoral.

The side benefit is in its androgen blocking properties. In simple terms, hair starts to thin because of certain hormonal activity in the scalp area and androgen blockers act to inhibit those processes.

Although it may be effective treatment for thinning hair for some people, Nizoral can cause scalp irritation if it's over-used. The recommended usage is not more than two times a week, and it should be used alongside other medications (specifically Rogaine and Propecia) as part of a hair loss treatment plan.

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