Got Smelly and Really Sweaty Feet?... Dry Them Out Instantly With Botox Injections


Dr Hendizadeh of Associated Podiatrists demonstrates the use of Botox (Botulinum toxin) to help treat sweaty feet. The patient has tried many different treatments, topical's and various tea soaks to try to help remediate some of the hyperhidrosis, unfortunately nothing has helped and sweating has been persistent.

Before the procedure the doctor performs an iodine starch test on soles of the feet to determine the areas that have hyperhidrosis. Firstly the soles of the feet are swabbed with an alcohol solution which is used as a drying agent.

Iodine is then painted on the entire underside of both feet and white cornstarch is brushed onto the surface. Moments later the sweaty parts of the feet react with the iodine and starch and appear as dark areas. The doctor can now mark out the underside of both feet in preparation for the Botox injections.

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