The SweatBlock Antiperspirant Challenge..? Dries Out Even The Wettest Sweaty Armpits Instantly


Severe underarm sweating is a constant distraction that just won't go away... So what can you do without breaking the bank?

Topical treatments such as strong antiperspirants are at the cheaper end of the scale, they usually have to be re-applied once or twice every 24 hours to maintain armpit dryness, but they can cause persistent irritation and they don't work for everyone.

A Sweat Cure That Keeps You DRY For 7 Days?

When cost is the issue then the question is... 'Is there an alternative sweat cure that will dry out even the wettest sweaty armpits - and is affordable'..?

A different type of antiperspirant was put to the test on the Rachel Ray TV show. A Connecticut firefighter was asked to try-out SweatBlock for 6 weeks and come back with his results - This is what he had to say:

'I was the most skeptical person in the world going into this. I didn't think that anything could stop my underarms from sweating, after trying it for 6 weeks, absolutely amazing. Fought 3 fires with it, countless hours of training, my workouts. First day back after a fire I took the jacket off, you could have wrung out the shirt, arms up in the air, dry as can be.'

Unlike other antiperspirants, SweatBlock has been specially formulated to keep you comfortable by reducing any itchiness and skin irritation. It comes in the form of individually sealed pre-soaked cotton pads which are dabbed on to the armpits. Only one application is required and it keeps on working for up to 7 days.

As a side note, although SweatBlock is specifically for treating underarm sweating, there are reports circulating of people having great success with SweatBlock in other areas, especially in treating excessive facial sweating, sweaty hands and sweaty feet.

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