15 Tips and Strategies to Control Excessive Sweating in Your Daily Routine (part 2)


Exercising before any important event, presentation you have to make or meeting you have to attend is a definite 'NO'. Any intense activity will naturally raise your body temperature and will remain at a higher level for quite some time afterwards. Even after a long cool shower you will still be sweating after changing back into your office clothes.

Keep a spare shirt with you always (just in case). You never know what may happen and circumstances may be against you. What could be worse than arriving late all sweaty, smelly and waterlogged under the arms, then getting all stressed out knowing that you have a presentation to make.

Having a spare shirt amongst your kit will not only save you embarrassment and tackle the problem if and when it arises, but the knowledge that you have a change of clothing (in case of an emergency) will prevent you from unnecessarily over-stressing yourself psychologically.

If the worst should happen, all you need do is pop into the rest-room for a few minutes, change your shirt, splash on some nice smelling deodorant and you're good to go.

If you are overly concerned with sweaty armpits showing through your shirt or if you experience back sweats from time to time, then consider wearing an undershirt to mop up any excessive sweating before it reaches your outer shirt.

You may experience some dampness against your body but your outer shirt will remain dry throughout the day. And carry a spare undershirt just in-case you do need a quick change. Being prepared also helps to minimize and keep in check any psychological stress and anxiety related to your excessive sweating.

Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics and silks, cotton is ideal as it easily absorbs and releases perspiration and allows the skin to breathe. Also avoid tight fitting clothes which can trap the sweat against the skin resulting in increased body odor and perspiration stains.

Try using an armpit stain remover to remove all yellow armpit stains in clothing including antiperspirant deposits.

Choose loose fitting clothes in colors which don't show up the sweat stains as much such as black or white solid colors, for any other colors avoid solids and go with a pattern design.

If you have to attend important meetings or events then make a point of arriving early. There could be nothing worse than rushing to get to an appointment simply because you didn't allow yourself enough time.

You are practically guaranteeing your sweat glands will be at 'full steam ahead' due to raised activity levels (rushing to get to your appointment) and raised anxiety stress levels (worrying you might miss your appointment). And once you get caught up into this stress cycle your sweating just runs out of control.

The simple solution is to plan to get to your appointment not on time, but in plenty of time so that you can be prepared and relaxed. By controlling your activity and stress levels you'll also be able to control your perspiration levels.

It's well know that anxiety and stress in hyperhidrosis sufferers can quickly increase body perspiration and localized sweating that can run riot.

Any Increase in psychological stress levels will trigger the over-active sympathetic nervous system which stimulates the sweat glands, and you are now on a roller-coaster ride of 'increased anxiety' and 'more sweating', it's a vicious cycle with each feeding of each other.

Knowing how to chill-out and relax could greatly help in preventing your anxiety levels from spiralling out of control. Yoga, for example, is not only a superb form of exercise for staying fit and healthy, it also helps in reducing your stress levels and keeping them in check.

For on The Spot Stress Relievers Try These

1 - Try learning mind control techniques for relaxation.
Meditation and self hypnosis are both effective ways of reducing your stress levels. It may be difficult at first but with regular daily practice you'll get results.

2 - Portable biofeedback devices for managing your stress levels
Biofeedback devices can help you learn how to activate your body's natural relaxation response in a matter of minutes and without using any medication.

3 - Visualize or think of something so funny it makes you laugh.
Fill your MP3 player with comedy audio you can listen to. Laughter lowers your stress levels and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

4 - Close your eyes and listen to soothing music.
Calming music is perfect for relaxation as it lowers your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, slows down your breathing and relaxes you completely. Imagine lying on the beach in the shade listening to the sea and the waves as they come in and pull out.

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