Is MiraDry The New Miracle Cure For Excessive Underarm Sweating?


Even though anticholinergic drugs such as Robinul will help in reducing all generalized sweating, doctors will recommend trying extra strength antiperspirants, iontophoresis, Botox, or a combination of these before considering prescription drugs, especially if your sweating is localized and only at your armpits.

Outside of surgery all the treatments we have looked at thus far are only temporary measures to help you manage your sweating. Underarm surgery to cut out or scrape out the sweat glands was until recently the only permanent solution to treating very severe underarm sweating, but now there is an alternative.!

MiraDry The Breakthrough Non-Invasive Technology

The MiraDry system is the only non-surgical treatment that specifically targets the underarm sweat glands and offers a lasting solution. It is safe, it is clinically proven and most importantly it has been approved by the FDA. This is a new technology made available in 2011 which uses precisely controlled microwave energy to zap the sweat glands whilst at the same time cooling the surrounding tissue and skin.

Prior to treatment temporary markings are placed on each armpit as a guide during the procedure, a local anaesthetic (lidocaine injections) is then administered to completely numb the underarm area.

The procedure is then performed with a hand held device which is pressed repeatedly against the underarm at several locations and focused microwaves are released which penetrate the surface skin but only to the level were the sweat glands reside.

Microwaves Permanently Eliminate The Sweat Glands

The heat energy emitted by the microwaves completely eliminates the axillary sweat glands, and since the glands cannot grow back the results are lasting. This is the first treatment of its kind that destroys the sweat glands in the armpits without requiring surgery.

To deliver the maximum benefit with this procedure patients will require two 60 minute sessions spaced approximately 3 months apart, and the patient can resume their normal routine immediately after treatment. The procedure is very safe and although no harmful side effects have been reported some patients may suffer from temporary armpit swelling for a few days.

MiraDry System Reduces Sweating By 82%

Clinical studies reveal the MiraDry system to be effective for more than 90% of patients who undergo both treatment sessions, and the average reduction in underarm sweat was 82%.

The only drawback we can see, and the reason why you wouldn't choose MiraDry over other non-surgical options is the cost of treatment. Although prices will vary from clinic to clinic, for two sessions it would cost between $2,500 - $4,000. But considering that no further treatment will be required in the future this really isn't a drawback at all.

MiraDry System Compared to Botox Injections

For those who are extremely debilitated with severe underarm sweating, up until recently the only long term non-surgical treatment path has been Botox injections, a temporary solution costing between $800 - $1,500 for each session.

Its easy to see why the MiraDry system is fast becoming the popular alternative to Botox and a price well worth paying - see the chart below.

Botox MiraDry
Average Success Rate 81% 90%
Underarm Sweat Reduced by 50% - 75% 82% (average)
Treatments Required (1st year) 2 2
Cost of Treatment (1st year) $1,600 - $3,000 $2,500 - $4,000
Repeat treatments required? YES NO
Cost of Repeat Treatments $1,600 - $3,000 (every year) $ zero

Comparing the two, MiraDry achieves a greater average success rate with patients undergoing treatment and an increased reduction in underarm sweating. In addition, it's only one time payment of $2,500 - $4,000.

At the end of year-2 the accumulative cost of Botox treatments (assuming two treatments each year) will have reached $3,200 - $6,000 and $4,800 - $9,000 by end of year-3. For some patients the effectiveness of Botox diminishes more rapidly and repeat treatments are required nearly every 4 months (3 times each year).

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