Getting to the 'Root' of The Bad Breath Problem (part 2)

BAD BREATH CURE By Mike Ganton (Page 7)

This is why regular brushing and flossing is so important. You need to ferret out the problem and deal with it. It's an ongoing process and you'll NEVER be rid of it as long as you like to eat and drink.

You must brush at least twice a day to remove all traces of bits of food and plaque, and also, you must NOT forget to brush the gums as well!

Preferably, you should brush after each meal, but if this isn't possible then at the very least rince your mouth out with water

Very important, you must floss every day with no exceptions, taking care to reach every hidden scrap between the teeth.

Making this into a daily habit this practice will go a long way towards keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, as well as reducing incidences of bad breath resulting from bacteria remaining in small bits of food.

Don't Forget to Brush Your Tongue? A nasty tongue has to be one of the worst offenders for bad breath. Did you know that the ancient Romans brushed their tongues daily? Amazing, isn't it, how some practices come full circle.

Using a soft bristled brush, brush the tongue gently taking care not to gag yourself, but try and reach as far back as is comfortable to remove as much of the offending buildup as you can.

Brushing your teeth: Your brush should be against the gums at a 45 degree angle. The strokes should be in a gentle circular motion, and moving along in tooth wide increments. Brush the outside and inside surfaces of your teeth, brush the 'biting surface' of your teeth, then finally gently brush your tongue.

Proper Toothbrush Care is Essential

Proper brush care is essential. Remember, it's a cleaning tool that enters your mouth daily and comes into contact with billions of bacteria not to mention certain instances of contamination through bleeding gums and/or other conditions.

First of all, never share your toothbrush! There is a great risk of cross-contamination when sharing a toothbrush with others.

Always thoroughly rinse your toothbrush after use, and store it brush side up to dry naturally. If a common storage system is used, do not allow the brushes to come in contact with one another.

Should you keep your toothbrush in a disinfectant? There are mixed thoughts regarding the storage of toothbrushes in disinfecting containers.

Some say yes, but one school of thought advocates that you can do more harm than good by storing your toothbrush in the same disinfecting liquid repeatedly, you are effectively creating another possibility of cross-contamination.

Furthermore you should never store your toothbrush in a closed container. A sealed container provides an ideal environment for bacteria to form.

The Benefits of Water, Cranberry Juice and Tea?

Drink lots of water, it's essential to always keep your mouth moist and if you prefer only bottled water, think again! Most community water systems include fluoride in the drinking water, and fluoride is an essential component in preventing tooth decay.

Drinking natural cranberry juice (no added sugar) will help protect teeth against cavities. Plaque is less likely to form because the cranberries make it difficult for the bacteria to cling to tooth surfaces, the juice acts like 'Teflon' coating on teeth thus reducing the stickiness of bacteria.

Try adding tea to your list of beverages, it is thought that the chemical polyphenols found in tea help to prevent that sulfur producing bacteria that contributes to bad breath.

A Final Thought

If there were just one single thing you can do to help prevent bad breath, it is to simply rinse out your mouth with fresh water after eating, whether it is after snacking or between meals.

In most cases that is easy to do and can go a long way in helping to reduce bad breath issues as well as improving overall dental health. Rinsing your mouth won't eliminate all the bacteria producing particles, but it will certainly get rid of some..

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