Grocery Home Delivery is Definitely Different

The only things I have ever had delivered to my home are clothing, furniture and pizza, until one day I decided to have a grocery home delivery because I was very ill. I had never had my groceries delivered before, and it was definitely a different experience.

I went online to a supermarket that provided grocery home delivery and selected the items that I needed, paid with my debit card, just as I would when I went to the store, and waited for it to be delivered. Within a few hours, a guy arrived at my house with my groceries and everything just seemed to be perfect.

Then I started putting my food away, and while the store had certainly gotten everything correct, I started to notice, especially with the meat and the fruits and vegetables, that they were not what I had chosen if I had gone to the store.

One of the other things that happened with the grocery home delivery was that the expiration dates on the milk and yogurt I had bought were pretty close to the date of purchase. I always look for the dairy products and other perishables with the latest expiration date, possible.

Now, I understand a store wanting to sell out of its products before they go bad to keep from having to throw things out and lose money, but the expiration date on the chocolate milk I ordered, in particular, was only two days from the date on which I placed the order. I know that milk is supposed to be good a few weeks past the sell-by date, but try telling my daughter that.

I really didn’t want to complain, because I didn’t want to be one of “those” customers, and the guy that delivered them was very nice and even said that he hoped I got to feeling better. I really could not have asked for better service, and they got everything that I ordered. I mean everything, to the exact count, came in exactly as I had specified.

I went into the store a few weeks later, and the store manager, who knows me pretty well, asked me what I thought about the store’s grocery home delivery program. I told him that I thought it was different. He then asked if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

I told him that I liked almost everything about the grocery home delivery except the issue with some of the produce not being the most fresh, and the meat not being exactly what I was looking for and the milk being close to expiring.

He told me that the concerns I mentioned were what most people complained about when they talked about the program, and said they were trying to work on that.

I think that the grocery home delivery is a good thing in many respects. It is convenient, thoughtful on the part of the store and fosters good will. There are a few drawbacks, but like anything else in life, I suppose I have to take the good with the bad.