Free Antivirus Comparison – Whats “The Best” is Open to Interpretation

If you relied entirely on free antivirus software, which one would you pick for the best ability in wiping the slate clean for a completely virus-infested computer? When I did a free antivirus comparison,

I tested the free offerings from several antivirus companies on three terribly virus-infested computers and one computer that was clean but that needed to stay that way when exposed to viruses; and this is what I found.

As far as the paid antivirus brands are concerned, they seem to have agreed on a time of the year to release new upgraded versions of their software – around fall – just like the makers of cars do.

As for free antivirus, the makers release upgraded versions whenever they feel like it – there seems to be no specific schedule that they stick to. Still, there are quite a few that have released new versions over the past few months.

Let’s start with Cloud Antivirus by Panda. Their recent 1.1 release is so good, that it does almost everything that the major paid antivirus products do. Compared side-by-side with a paid product like AdAware Pro,

Panda doesn’t give an inch to the paid product in the way it protects a clean computer for new infections. What is even better, it’s a product that could not be any simpler to use. If you want paid product-like performance out of a free product, you should probably go for Panda.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is a product that manages to make it to the top of any free antivirus comparison. When there is a virus infestation that just won’t go away no matter how expensive and well-endowed your antivirus, you’ll often find your tech support person recommending Malwarebytes.

The installer is a file that’s so small it will download in a few seconds; the moment it is installed on your system, you can rest easy that it will clear out just about any virus infection.

There is one little problem to this product though that keeps it from claiming top spot in any antivirus comparison though – as effective as it is in clearing out an existing infestation, it doesn’t really do anything until an infestation is already there. In other words, it doesn’t do much to protect your computer from getting an infection in the first place.

Just about the opposite of Malwarebytes’ problem of being able to clean up better than blocking something, Comodo Antivirus 5.0 is a powerful little product that will absolutely block any infection from getting on your computer in the first place.

What they want you to do is to format your hard drive to get rid of any existing problems, reinstall your operating system, and then to install Comodo. They are confident that this should keep your computer free of anything unwanted.

AVG’s free product was always a very competent one. The company always reminded you though that what you got for free was only a fraction as good as what you got if you paid for their full version.

That isn’t the way it is anymore. AVG Anti-Virus Free is so powerful that it almost seems better than the Security Suite that they offer you for payment. Not only is it great blocking an infection from occurring, it is spectacular cleaning up an infection that’s already there.