How to Get Swimsuit Ready With a Sexy Butt: Thighs And Legs Makeover

SEXY LEGS & BUTT MAKEOVER Contribution By Joey Atlas M.S (Page 1)

Want to look hot in a pair of skin tight fitting jeans and look even sexier in a swimsuit? Fed-up with counting calories?.. Have you heard of 'Calorie Shifting' for EASIER weight control and weight loss?

Combine calorie shifting with any one of these lower body exercises for FAST results. You can firm-up, tighten and super-tone your butt, legs, outer and inner thighs, and target cellulite bumps - NO gym required. But first, three things you need to consider:

#1 - Being Consistent

For most (if not all) women who have succeeded in toning up their butt and thighs through exercise, the single most important reason for their success in achieving the exact body shape that they have always wanted - is consistency.

Women who start and stop exercise programs all the time are always the first to complain "I can never get my butt and thighs to look firm and toned."

Getting that super sexy butt and firm sculpted thighs will NOT happen if your plan of action is to work out solidly for a few weeks, then only occasionally, and then stopping?

You have to be committed to a regular workout routine. No exercise program in the world will work for you if you don't do it consistently.

#2 - Not Just ANY Exercise Program

Not just any exercise program that makes you sweat!.. You can be consistent, exercise faithfully for weeks, and still not see results if you are not targeting the lower body with a specific group of exercises.

We all know you can't spot reduce, from a theoretical standpoint anyway. But YOU CAN 'spot tone and lift', but only if you have a properly structured butt, thigh and legs exercise program.

This does not mean paying a monthly subscription and spending hours in the gym every week. I'm not talking about heavy weights, dangerous machines or crowded and sweaty health clubs.

As a matter of fact, and this may surprise those of you who think the gym is the only way, but some of the best butt, thigh and leg exercises can be done with no equipment. The easiest and most effective exercises can be done on a simple mat, in your home and while you're watching TV or listening to your favorite music.

So, if you already have a good exercise program to follow then stick with it and be consistent... If you don't, then watch The 4 simple exercises video later.

#3 - Cutting Out Unnecessary Calories

Proper nutrition is important - Here are a few shortcuts for cutting out unnecessary fat producing calories from your diet:

(Note - For women trying to gain butt roundness and size, you do not have to worry about watching your calories as it applies to weight loss. Just be sure that your food choices are from healthy sources.)

(1) Keep track of ALL the calories you take in by way of liquids/drinks - you may be quite surprised, but these liquid calories are just the same as food calories and they can turn into fat if you are over your daily caloric needs - fat that goes straight to your butt and thighs.

(2) Eating too much, putting too much food on your plate and eating too much - ALL WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT!

Most people eat subconsciously without really paying too much attention to what they are doing. Hence overeating becomes easy and regular, and those extra calories always seem to have a tendency to store themselves in the butt and thigh areas of most women.

Be more conscious at meal times and pay more attention to what you are eating, and also HOW MUCH you're eating.

(3) Eating when you are not hungry - HELLO! If you are not hungry - your body is telling you something "I don't need the calories, right now." Don't eat out of boredom, and don't eat just because 'everybody else is'.

Even the best lower body exercises will not give you the desired results if you are continually negating the effects of your exercise program by consuming too many unnecessary calories. (later in this report we'll discuss 'Calorie Shifting' the NEW way to burn fat FAST)

Reminder - For women with 'flat butt syndrome' - you don't have to worry about cutting calories from your diet, just keep calories at normal levels - this will promote proper development in the butt muscles as you incorporate the right exercises.

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