Diet Solution Program: Are You Eating ‘Fat Burning Foods’ or ‘Fat Storing Foods’ (Part 1)

This may come as a shock to you, but many foods that you may have been eating that have been reffered to as ‘healthy foods’ are actually making you fatter. In this exclusive interview with Isabel de Los Rios nutritionist and author of ‘The Diet Solution’ Isabel explains her findings and why mainstream diets don’t work.

The Diet Solution Program is the Result of 15 Years of Study and Research. It is also the most complete and comprehensive ‘Rapid’ weight loss program available today.

Q: Isabel, tell us a little a bit about yourself, and what you do.

A: I am a NJ based Holistic Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist. I have a private practice in NJ and when I’m not seeing clients in my office I am writing books, newsletters, articles or speaking on the principles of healthy nutrition for weight loss and disease prevention. Basically, doing my best to communicate what true health is to the world.

Q: You’re in great shape now but was there a time when you was overweight?

A: Thankyou and Yes… The Diet Solution Program is really a culmination of my search for answers to my own weight loss and health problems. I can remember going on my first “diet” in the 7th grade. You name the diet and I tried it. Not until I found the true answers to weight loss and how to keep it off was I able to finally reach my own ideal weight and level of health that I enjoy today.

It was also my mother’s and my grandmother’s struggle with obesity and type 2 Diabetes that led me to research how blood sugar affects our ability to lose and gain fat. As I studied Diabetes more and more, I found that the same principles that could be used to control a diabetic’s blood sugar were the same principles that all people needed to use to lose fat and keep it off.

Once I figured this out, I was almost amazed at how easy the answer was the whole time and couldn’t believe all of the past unhealthy plans I had attempted with no success.

Q: How did you happen to get into the Nutrition industry? What were the deciding factors?

A: As I continued to work on my own health and weight struggles, I became fascinated by the human body. I was truly amazed by the discoveries I had made in regards to weight loss and blood sugar control and could not believe that this information wasn’t main stream.

Even worse, I could not believe that doctors and food companies were actually recommending the exact opposite of the information that I had discovered to be the only way to lose weight. This led me to be as passionate as I am now about communicating this exact information to the world.

Q: What was your inspiration for The Diet Solution? Did you follow some other diet or fitness guru’s before your own ideas developed?

A: Writing the Diet Solution Program was inspired by seeing hundreds of clients in my private nutrition practice in New Jersey. All of the nutrition principles that I would teach my clients was a combination of several books, classes and seminars that I had read or attended and grabbed the best principles taught in each.

I knew there had to be a way to put all of this great information together in an easy to read, easy to follow program. Don’t get me wrong. Actually putting the information together and laying it out in a way that would be easy to understand by all people was not easy to do. But once it was complete, it really was a culmination of 15 years of research and study.

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(Isabel de Los Rios is the author of ‘The Diet Solution’)