Decorating Small Spaces in Big Ways

For many of us, trying to find ways to use rooms is not a normal problem. If anything, we are trying to find ways to cram all of our things into spaces far too small all of them. Decorating small spaces can be a difficult task, indeed. That doesn’t mean there aren’t several ways to make functional, fashionable.

For starters, when decorating small spaces, use your collectibles and decoration. Do you have a lot of books? Put them to work. Don’t just buy a bookshelf. Instead, use your heavier books in combination with a couple of heavy duty boards, and stack up two pillars of books to place the board on top of.

Repeat the process on top of the board, and place a new board on top. Voila! You have created your own book shelf, simultaneously storing more books in the process in a fun, decorative fashion.

Another problem when decorating small spaces is trying to make the most of the floor space when placing your furniture. It is often tempting to place the furniture directly against the wall in an attempt to clear off space along the floor.

Resist this temptation! If you pull the furniture even six inches away from the wall, and hang mirrors on the wall, it gives the appearance of a larger space, and the mirrors amplify this with a sense of elegance. It may sound counter intuitive, but this is one tip for decorating small spaces that works.

When decorating small spaces, you should always make sure to take advantage of your vertical space. Shelves can be your friend. Consider mounting them a foot down from the ceiling, and lining the shelves with things you need to store, but don’t use on a regular basis.

For example, these shelves can be great for housing good china, board games, DVD collections, family photos, and even your fine jewelry. Not only does this give you more space on the ground level, but it can be considered a kind of protection for your things. Climbing up to the ceiling will not be the easiest feat for a burglar!

Decorating small spaces does require a certain amount of discipline. Sure, that gorgeous bust of Aphrodite is stunning, but is it really the best thing for your ten foot by ten foot living room?

You may have always wanted a king size four poster bed, but will it really fit in your eight foot by eight foot bedroom on the fifth floor of an apartment building? Decorating small spaces requires you to be realistic in your creativity. Make sure the things you’re planning will fit in the space your planning them for.