Challenge Your Belief System And Experience Personal Growth

Many religions and philosophies have been followed blindly by lemming-like mobs all over the world for many centuries. Ever since man feared fire or thunder and lightning, or anything else he could not explain scientifically, he has invented some invisible being to credit or blame for it, depending on the current situation.

A belief system is just that, a system not based on facts or scientific evidence but on something someone believes, in other words, something someone has faith in.

Faith is a tricky word and the conclusion to any discussion between atheists and religious fanatics is “you have to have faith”. There is no way to argue something if some invisible and silent super being has already decided the argument centuries ago by purportedly writing it down in a book, or “bible”.

It does not matter how logical and scientifically sound your argument is, if there is a contrary opinion given in the Bible then you lose, period, or so religious zealots would have you believe.

For all of the good that the faith based belief system has provided with charitable works over the years, more atrocities have been committed by far. Millions have died and continue to die all over the world because one belief system does not believe in another belief system.

Even when one belief system is almost identical to another belief system, the proponents of each will fight to the death defending their point of view. It does not matter that the Bible says “Thou shalt not kill” or that most major religions in their doctrinal material decry the use of violence. Violence is still instigated by the leaders of these religious mobs and is used in Darfour, for instance, to wipe out a whole race of people.

Whenever genocide rears its ugly head around the planet as it has continuously since the dawn of civilized man, it almost always comes down to one religion against another.

And Christianity is not above this horrible atrocity called genocide as we have seen in the Crusades and the Inquisition, which saw millions of “non-believers” (of Christianity) lose their lives. How many innocent, peace-loving people have been tortured, burned alive, beheaded, clubbed to death, or otherwise sent from this world by mobs of religious fanatics or the clergy themselves?

We see it today in Africa and in the Middle East where hordes of ignorant thugs commit daily acts of ultra-violence in the name of their own belief system, no matter how primitive.

For the world to truly experience peace we must either eliminate all organized religions (which will never happen) or people of different religions will have to learn to co-exist with those whose belief system is different from theirs. Why this is so very difficult and almost impossible to attain may be the core problem of mankind as we progress into the 21st century and beyond.

Tolerance must be taught early on and differences should be celebrated instead of reviled. Old grudges and ancient taboos have to be thrown out in favor of a new system of open-mindedness.