Carrot Cake

Like any other child, my daughter looked at me with a scrunched up nose when I announced that I was going to be backing a carrot cake for an upcoming family gathering. She wanted to know why anyone would put carrots in a cake?

According to her, that would definitely ruin it. Ask most adults and they’ll probably say that carrot cake happens to be one of their favorites. It is a timeless and wonderful creation that may turn up some noses, but for others, it is a little bit of heaven on earth.

Of course, as with most foods, there are various recipes and some will result in carrot cakes that result in having more moistness, more flavor or more goodies baked into its layers.

Some people will use recipes that have been passed down through their families or through friends. Others will scour the internet looking for the recipe that sounds like it would be absolutely perfect. Some will find the perfect recipe instantly while others will continue their search for years to come, never fully happy with their findings.

Why do people put carrots in cake? The history of putting carrots in cake actually dates back to the medieval period. During that time, sweeteners for baking, were scarce and very expensive. Carrots contain a lot of sugar which was the perfect substitute for sweeteners in peoples’ baking adventures.

Plus, they were a lot easier to come by and a lot more affordable. Using carrots in cakes was such a success, it has obviously continued down through the years and is still a favorite among many in today’s era. There are lots of varying recipes online and in cookbooks.

Everyone will claim that their recipe for carrot cake is the best. Perhaps their recipe is the best, however, each person has their own preferences and taste buds. You may find that one recipe is a bit more time consuming or complicated and you want to stick to the easiest recipe possible.

You may not care about how much time is involved; you simply want to make the very best that you can possibly can. No matter what your preferences or plans happen to be, there are lots of excellent recipe sites to be found. A lot of people tend to use for readying to bake the perfect carrot cake, or any meal, for that matter. You will certainly find an assortment of recipes there.

Another popular site for carrot cake recipes is Everyone knows that Betty Crocker can cook anything she so desires, so she’s trusted rather heavily. No matter who you decide to trust or how you decide to make your carrot cake, you can be certain it will be appreciated and well received by everyone who decides to take a bite. Afterall, it didn’t get passed down from the medieval days for nothing!