Carpet Mold

Carpet mold is probably one of the most concerning problems that you can find in your household and yet, one of the most common. It is something that usually isn’t discovered until there is rather large problem and at that point, you need to make some decisions on how to battle the carpet mold and what you will do to prevail.

Before you even make any attempts to remove the carpet mold or even get new carpet, you need to figure out what caused it in the first place. It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it is something that forms slowly over time and is triggered by moisture or humidity.

You can do all that you want to remove it or replace the carpet completely, but if you don’t address the origin of the mold, it will simply continue to appear in the future.
In rooms in which moisture and humidity are commonly a problem, avoid placing carpet in the first place.

Bathrooms are incredibly common for moisture issues, which means, putting carpet in a bathroom could lead to some serious problems. Carpet mold runs rampant in bathrooms and musty basements.

If you have a room, such as a sunroom or a basement, that you know has issues with moisture or humidity, invest in a dehumidifier. By using this household item, you might be amazed at not only how much more comfortable your room may feel to you, but it will aid in preventing the conditions that are a breeding ground for carpet mold.

If you have had leaks, flooding or a spill of any kind, if it isn’t taken care of immediately, chances are, you will find yourself dealing with carpet mold. Any carpeted area that gets wet or is subjected to any forms of moisture needs to be dried immediately.

If you’re fortunate enough to notice it when it happens, you can comfortably know that it won’t result in mold. However, the longer the carpet remains moist or wet, the more carpet mold that will breed.

Is carpet mold harmful? Absolutely! Living in a house in which carpet mold has marked its territory can be hazardous to your health. It can have long term health effects or you may just notice allergies and a lot of minor breathing issues. However, any side effects that come from having carpet mold are not healthy and need to be addressed immediately.

There are ways to get rid of carpet mold. You can scrub until you’re blue in the face with various chemicals; that may work perfectly. If you choose to use chemicals and attempt to clean the carpet mold on your own, make sure that the room in which you are working is properly ventilated.

You could replace the carpet, after you make sure that you’ve resolved the problem of moisture, leaking or humidity – the original cause of the carpet mold. Or, you can hire a professional to come out, evaluate your situation and help you decide what course to take. Whatever method you choose, don’t procrastinate in making the decision. The health of your household could depend on it.