Bodybuilding (1) The Skinny Geeks Guide to Building ‘Massive’ Muscle FAST

Want to gain extra ‘muscle inches’ around the important parts of your body – like your biceps, your pecs, you’re calves and not forgetting the 6 pack abs?

“Give me 15 to 20 minutes and I’ll show you how to get measurable results… where you saw NOTHING before!”

The report you are about read ‘The Skinny Geeks Guide to Building Massive Muscle Fast’ is a thoroughly researched report on how to turn that scarecrow physique into a mass of toned ‘hard’ muscle, and also how to maintain a healthier lifestyle – Designed for people who are constantly on the go and want to start noticing results in as little as 3 weeks.

Here’s a ‘tiny’ taster of whats inside this report:

  • Discover the most important concepts for ‘muscle’ weight gain and keeping it on.
  • Understand why drinking plenty of water is so important.
  • Find out which drinks you should stay away from if you want to keep the muscle on your body.
  • Reveal what to do with your vegetables before you eat them to get the most weight-muscle-gain benefit.
  • Discover why fiber is so important and why you need to eat more of it… especially while on your muscle gaining regimen.
  • Unveil which vegetables to avoid and which vegetables to savor.
  • How to know what vegetables you should be eating every day.
  • Discover when you can have certain sweets and when you need to stay away.
  • Recognize which fruit juices are acceptable and which are not.
  • Realize that an entire week of “pumping up” can be ruined in one day eating a certain food.
  • Find out the massive muscle truth about canned fruits.
  • Discover why skipping meals can actually make you fall a step behind when trying to gain muscle.
  • Unveil the best time to eat breakfast and why.
  • Discover the truth about carbohydrates and muscle development.
  • Nail down the importance of protein in your daily eating plan as it pertains to weight gain and muscle development.
  • Answer your questions about fats and how much is an acceptable amount.
  • Grab hold of impressive benefits of fresh foods – it does more than just make your heart healthy!
  • How to be on the lookout for healthy fat substitutes that ALSO help your muscle development.
  • How to fight the urge to become a couch potato… this will NOT help you build muscle.
  • Learn what to do with high tech gadgets such as remotes and cell phones to help you build muscle. It’s not throwing them out!
  • Discover the value of high fiber multigrain breads.

And there’s more…

Unveil what role salt has in obesity versus muscle. Discover which wines to dine with and which wines to avoid altogether during your training.

Experience a simple exercise you can do anywhere at any time of day to build extra muscle. You’ll discover all the significant pound packing secrets. Use these secrets to turn those pounds into massive muscle in a very short time!

Lets face it… The truest way to tell if you could benefit from a healthier lifestyle is to stand in front of a mirror. You may see something that convinces you that it’s time to take control NOW! … Lets Begin

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