Beautify With a Decorative Switch Plate Cover And Other Accessories

I’m not a professional interior designer or anything like that, but I still like to make sure each and every room in my house looks great. I scour magazines and websites for ideas, and I also shop at home improvement stores quite a bit just to see what kind of new products have come in since the last time I visited.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s often the small touches, such as a nice decorative switch plate cover or the perfect table lamp, that make the biggest differences in how good a room can look. That’s why I now pay more attention to accessories than to anything else.

While I can’t deny that a fabulous leather sofa or high-tech entertainment center complete with a 52-inch flat-screen television could go a long way towards improving your living room, how realistic is it to make these kinds of major changes all over the house?

Buying new furniture is an expensive proposition, one that few of us can afford to make more than once every 5-10 years or so. But no matter how tight our finances are, we can always splurge on a decorative switch plate cover, area rug, or throw pillows.

A decorative switch plate cover that features a beautiful floral pattern, whimsical abstract design, or even a sports team logo can instantly add some mood to your rooms. For example, try putting cartoon-themed covers over the light switches in your kids’ bedrooms to see how they brighten the whole place and make everyone smile.

In the kitchen, a decorative switch plate cover with a fruit motif might be the perfect way to complement your colorful paint job and appliances. The home office would benefit from a dignified antique copper accents. There are just so many different designs and styles to choose from that you’re sure to find something to match your current decor.

Another cheap way to beautify a room is to add throw pillows wherever possible. Toss a few pillows in fun shapes and colors on the couch in the den to give the place new life. The same can be done in the guest bedroom or master bedroom as well. Go for a more formal pillow style in the living room to renew the ambiance and give your sofa a whole different look.

Replacing hardware such as doorknobs, hinges, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles or changing faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms are other quick, relatively cheap upgrades that can make you feel like you’re living in a brand-new house!

The bottom line here is that if you’re looking enhance your home by adding a little extra pizzazz throughout the place, your best bet is to think small. Something as seemingly insignificant as a decorative switch plate cover or a vintage brass doorknob can really work wonders, so try some of these upgrades today!