Are Ghosts Real

People are fascinated with the unknown. The mysterious causes behind the creepy noises that fill up the empty hallways in our houses at night both terrify and mystify us.

Shadows that we catch in the corner of our eyes and disappear in a split second may give us that chill up our spine but everyone wants to know what created that shadow. Whispered voices make us whip around to see where the conversations are stemming from but we see how logical explanation for what we are hearing.

Are ghosts real? No one can answer that for sure. Except for, perhaps, a ghost itself. Since the beginning of time, people have asked the same question – are ghosts real. Reports of hauntings have been documented throughout the centuries.

The concepts of ghosts have changed as the years have advanced our experiences and thoughts, but brilliant scientists and innocent children are all still without answers when they ask if ghosts are real. Images have been caught on film and even live video footages have captured things that we cannot rationally explain.

In practically every town across the country, Ghost Tours have become popular. A tour guide walks guests through allegedly haunted houses, restaurants or cemeteries and shares tales about legends that have turned into hauntings. Are ghosts real, you may ask your tour guide? They may fill your head with some freakish stories but in all honesty, the existence of ghosts may always remain something that is a matter of opinion.

The timeless question of whether or not ghosts are real will likely never end. In fact, it would seem that more and more people are starting to believe in the supernatural. One out of every three people admit that they believe in ghosts.

They may not have even had a personal encounter or experience to base their opinion on, but they still have that belief. How can are not ask are ghosts real? We are surrounded by classic ghost photos that clearly show some sort of unexplained phenomenon.

Websites are dedicated to proving that ghosts are very much real. You can scroll through page after page just looking at ‘ghost’ photos that people have submitted for other viewers. Some appear to be incredibly real while others are probably a complete hoax. Nonetheless, people still ask – are ghosts real?

According to the Bible, ghosts are not real. Any unexplained occurrences are simply happenings from the Devil and are ways of getting people to believe that our loved ones could still be among us.

If you ask scientists, they may have explanations of energy, time warps, and even overlaps of other dimensions. Historians thrive on the legends that explain the existence of ghosts – murdered and tortured souls hanging around until justice is served, individuals who died of a broken heart unable to leave the walls that once protected them and the stories go on.

Are ghosts real? There is no way to answer that accurately. While it seems that more and more people are finding some sort of evidence that allows them to believe in their existence, there is no concrete answer. Unless a ghost floats up to you, taps you on the shoulder and introduces themselves, all you can do is speculate.