A Walk on The Wild Side: Ladies Like Hunting Too

So you’ve spent the greater part of your life cultivating that delicacy and charm by which a woman expresses her femininity, does that mean you can’t don some camouflage pants, a hunting jacket, stylish but rugged boots, and pony-tail up your hair so that it wont get in the way of your scope as you aim your .50 caliber, muzzelloader at that beauty of a buck?

Does being a woman mean you can’t enjoy game hunting? I think not, not if you love the feel of the earth beneath your feet, the wind in your face and the thrill of the chase and kill.

Kill and woman don’t go together, you say? Not if you accept that a woman cannot connect with that ancient instinct in all of us, man and woman, by which we humans first survived, the instinct to join in nature’s play and struggle, to settle the yearning in all of us, creatures of pursuit, stealth, and pounce, to grasp the trophy, the prey, the food of life.

Yet it cannot be denied that this instinct belongs to woman as well as to man, and for some women, game hunting still calls like the song of a bird coming over a hushed lake, through the mist, unseen, yet awakening in her ancient memories what belonged to woman at the first, the heart of the huntress, what was in Diana of the forest, goddess of the hunt.

That instinct is still with woman today and modern game hunting, ethical, compassionate, still affords a woman the opportunity to feel the raw, wild nature that we should never forget, least we lose our roots in the world, and woman becomes a mere reflection of Madison Avenue’s specification for woman, all fluff and sweetness, color and shape, with passion only for man, money, and position on some corporate puppet stage.

Even now, there are thousands of women hunters prowling the forest and fields, with husbands some, others with other women only (there’s a nice club to join), some alone. In our modern world, Diana still roams.

What do you need to start? As you might expect, the right clothes – bright colors so that other hunters will recognize you, camouflage when the hunt calls for it. Game hunting also calls for a weapon, but this doesn’t mean only shotguns or rifles.

Archers with bow and arrow can also bring down the prize, and how good it feels to go back that far into our past! You can consult your local sporting goods store, and there are several good magazines on game hunting to point you in the right direction. You’ll also need to learn how to use that weapon safely and responsibly.

So, if you feel that calling some morning when the whitetails are bounding over the fields, the quail flapping above, the pheasants darting for the sky, instead of curling those lashes and brushing your locks, put on those boots, don that hunter’s cap, grab a shotgun, a rifle, and indulge your femininity. Woman as huntress. Viva human nature!