A Queen Size Bed Mattress is All I Need

My wife and I have always had a queen size bed since we were first married, but a few years ago we had the opportunity to upgrade to a king, as a local furniture had a pretty good deal on one. We decided to make the purchase and get it all set up.

It was all right, but before long we both realized that we wanted our old queen size bed mattress back, and sort of regretted making the purchase and getting rid of our old bed. There were a number of reasons we preferred the queen.

The first thing is that the queen size bed mattress is easier to turn than the king. My wife and I are firm believers in flipping our mattress at least once a month, and flipping the king size mattress was like trying to lift a small car. It was way too high in the air and would bump our ceiling fan, and it would always come crashing down when we finally got it flipped.

The second thing that we encountered with the king that we did not encounter with our queen size bed mattress was the amount of static electricity that built up. We tried to put static sheets between the mattress and box spring, and it still didn’t work. As we were pulling the mattress up to turn it, it would literally feel like we were being electrocuted.

Another problem we encountered with the king size bed was that it took up too much room. By the time it was in our bedroom, there was not much room for anything else, and each of us had a narrow little lane on either side of the bed and a path at the end of the bed, and that was about it when it came to space.

The biggest thing for us about the queen size bed mattress, however, and I will admit that this may sound corny, but my wife and I did not like being that far from each other when we slept. It was comfortable, and there was definitely plenty of room, but for us there was too much room. It felt like there was a valley between us every night.

We soon sold the king size bed and found another queen that we both found much more workable.

I am not saying that a king size bed is a bad option for everybody. I know a lot of couples who say they have a king size bed and it had been great for both parties. They say they sleep better at night and they are not jabbing each other during the night, but for me and my wife, the queen size bed mattress is all we’ll ever need.