A Magnetic Dry Erase Board Makes Things So Much Easier

As a teacher, I have used chalkboards for most of my career. When the dry erase board came along, I thought we had actually improved upon something that worked pretty well to begin with, but when the magnetic dry erase board was introduced, that was really special.

What I love the most about the magnetic dry erase board is the fact that you can erase the board and the writing actually disappears completely. When I went to school, and throughout most of my teaching career, it was mostly chalkboards that we used, which are fine, but they do have a tendency to be difficult to erase completely.

When the dry erase board first came out, I was really excited because it was a lot more sleek than the chalk board and you could erase all of your writing completely. But the dry erase board was limited to just that, writing.

With the magnetic dry erase board, I can now use magnetized visual aids to teach some of my lessons and use magnets to put a calendar in the upper right-hand corner of the board reminding my students of important dates, such as when we have our tests or quizzes.

I have also found that my students like the magnetic dry erase boards best, because they are visually appealing and easy to use. I have actually had students bring in magnets of their own and request that I use it to mark a certain occasion, which I always gladly do and make sure to praise the students.

In a strange way, the magnetic dry erase board has helped to make the students feel more a part of the class. It is something that I use every day, and while I still use the chalkboard regularly, especially when we are doing math, I can always tell that the students prefer the dry erase board.

Another thing that always makes me proud is that nothing has ever been stolen from the board. We have all kinds of interesting magnets and clips on the dry erase board, but everyone respects those things and leaves them where they are.

It is almost as if there is an honor code, of sorts, for the board, where students want to be able to enjoy it and recognize that if anything is ever stolen, it would be a major breech of trust.

I don’t want to overstate the value of a magnetic dry erase board, and I am sure that there are other teachers that don’t hold them in as nearly a high esteem as I do. When it comes to teaching, however, I have found it to be an extremely useful tool.